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A Repertoire of Relevance

Many individuals lose authenticity and credibility with the audience they are looking to connect. This happens because they share too much general information and lose relevance to their central theme.  Typically, outlier posts that attract too much attention are the types of posts that you do not want to have on your feed.  These generic posts might increase your vanity metrics as they cater to most individuals, but not your specific audience. Although you can share them occasionally when you are already a thought leader, they don’t mean much for you when you are starting out. 

You need to build a repertoire of relevance to the industry or niche that you are looking to develop.  This requires consistently posting or sharing articles that communicate the subject matter area(s) that speaks to your major theme.  This does not mean posting the same articles over and over again, but rather exploring the different angles of the theme that you have chosen to talk about.

What unspoken questions does your customer have?

Relevance also has to do with addressing the question that is on your ideal customer’s mind.  Your customer is thinking about things all the time, but there are very specific things that worry or concern them.  What are these issues? What are the questions that the customer is facing now that they would love to discuss with someone? 

Keep your Balance

You need a balance when writing your articles so that you are not too technical in your language usage.  Being too technical will make your articles hard to read and if followers do not understand them, they might not be willing to share them.

When you are communicating, be careful not to make your posts too personal.  Oversharing your personal thoughts about personal matters could lead to unintended consequences.  This does not mean that you should not share relatable information about personal news or views, but sharing too many personal posts will distract from your relevance.  You might want to ignore this if you are a celebrity, but for those of us who are not, stick to what you want to be known for. 

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