Alberto is a Business Coach and a BSc (Eng) Mech (Wits) Engineer with over 40 years local and international experience in the Engineering, Manufacturing, ICT & Smart Tech industries where he has been an entrepreneur and worked in senior management for corporates such as CSIR, NISSAN SA and ALTRON Bytes Systems Integration.

With his unique coaching skills integrated with his business expertise and his multi professional experience and people skills, Alberto can help you accelerate performance, achieve your business and personal goals, and become successful in what you love doing. In particular, he can help deliver accelerated business value and efficiencies in the areas of People Performance, Business Strategy & Systems, Sales, and Manufacturing Operations (Quality, Cost & Delivery).

Alberto has a passion to inspire, empower and motivate his clients through coaching and mentoring in order to unlock potential, explore greater possibilities, and in turn help them maximize performance and develop competent habits to become highly effective persons. He is an accredited Business Coach through SA Business Coaches which subscribes to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and COMENSA best practices and standards.

“Coaching assists in developing competent habits to become a highly effective person.” 

- Alberto Pontiggia

Alberto’s business coaching specialities are:

  • Business Owner & Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Talent Development Coaching

I founded my consulting business in 2017. After two years of battling nothing seemed to be working out. I was in a state of despair when I bumped into Alberto. Who in my opinion is a God-send. Though his mastery over the business coaching methodology, nothing was too difficult to deal with, and in each session I was challenge to grow into the leader that my company demanded. After 30 hours of coaching, my business is now at a point where clients are organically contacting us. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the thought of our coaching journey. I confidently recommend Alberto Pontiggia as an effective business coach to all.


I have known Alberto Pontiggia for 45 years. We were students together studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand from where we both graduated. More recently, we have been collaborating professionally in Manufacturing Business Development and Business Coaching & Mentoring. I have always known Alberto to be passionate and diligent about his work whether as an engineering professional or as a coach and mentor. He demonstrates skill, trustworthiness and professionalism in the way he does business and deals with clients and fellow colleagues. I highly recommend Alberto, both as far as his personal character is concerned and in his professional capacity in the work that he does and whatever he sets out to achieve.