Your Personal Profile Page

Depending on the social media platform that you will use, you might need to use a personal profile page to attract your ideal customer to. Keep in mind that in most cases your audience would like to build a relationship with you as a person. Your profile, therefore, needs to inspire a certain amount of trust in order to get people to the next stage of communicating with you.

In a platform such as LinkedIn, you will make extensive use of your personal profile. It might even become your landing page. Linkedin offers you a variety of information that you can add to your profile: Your LinkedIn Profile – Overview | LinkedIn Help. Make sure to spend some time on getting this up to date as it will help you to gain the attention of your audience. Note that the more complete your profile is the better it will perform when someone searches for you online.

Your Title

The title that you use on social media is important as it conveys more information about you. If you are registered with a professional body and can use a title as part of this then do so. If you are the managing director of a small business you might want to think about possibly calling yourself something else than the managing director. By doing so t might talk more about what you do as the word managing director does. When someone looks you up online a different title might pull them into your profile more easily.

This might seem humorous, but nobody trusts this.

Your Profile Picture

The use of the right picture is important as it will show up everywhere through the messages that you communicate. Your picture needs to convey a sense of trust, therefore be careful to display something that is humorous or strange as it might not convey the message you are trying to portray. In many cases the image that you use will be cropped by the social media platform that you use, therefore make sure that your head and shoulder shot is in the middle of the photo.

Your Summary

The summary is a short introduction to what it is that you do. This statement is important as it needs to develop interest and pull the reader into the rest of your profile. Take care not to be too longwinded here. Rather err on the side of shorter is better. Use keywords and phrases that you think people will use to search for something as this will give your profile a higher chance to show up in search engines.

Your Career Background

Some social media sites allow you to pull in the background of the companies that you work for into the site. This means that you are able to show the logos of the companies on your profile and if a prospect wants to know more about that company they can simply click on the logo and the company information will be displayed.

If you have just started a company then make sure to also register your company on a separate company page. Doing so will allow you to pull the logo and background of the company into the personal page that you use. As more individuals join your company you might also want to ask them to do the same.

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