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Making use of Pictures

Pictures speak louder than words.  This sentiment is especially true for social media.  As you share your content you will be fighting for attention.  Your post needs to stick out from the crowd.  Sharing your content with a picture will allow you to capture the attention of your customer and get them to click on your content. 

Getting the customer to stop and look at your content is the very first step to engagement.  To get this right your image needs a compelling headline and a great image that goes with it.   The best content in the world will be useless if your customer does not click on the link that allows them to open up the content and read it. The right picture will make this happen.

To start this journey, you might need to upskill yourself in some basic graphic design.  This can be very easily done, and you might even find yourself enjoying the experience.  Up to a few years ago, graphic design was limited to a few expensive programmes.  Recently however this software has been made so easy that anyone is able to spend a little bit of time and create some really professional-looking images. 

Mistakes you can make when creating for your post

  • Using too many words in the picture

When your audience struggles to read all the detail on the image it frustrates them.  This causes your audience to ignore the image or simply skip past it. 

  • Using too many images in the picture

An image loses relevance if it tries to convey too many different messages at the same time.  Ideally, try and convey one simple message through your image.

  • Making the words too small in the picture

When the words on the image is too small the picture loses relevance and you might lose the meaning for which you have intended it.  Keep in mind that your audience might be scrolling through your image on a mobile phone with a relatively small screen.  If you are going to use words in your image, then make sure they stick out.

  • Sizing pictures to the relevant platform

You might need to change your picture size based on the social media platform that you use.  Some software gives you the option to resize your pictures.  You can find out what a good size is by doing a basic search to discover what the best picture size is to use.  If you are doing a picture for a blog heading then you need to first find out what the optimal size is to do so. 

  • Don’t steal images

Many of the images on the internet belong to other people and they have copyright on the images.  There are sights that you can use where you can find images that you can use for free.  Or, if you struggle to find images on these sights then make use of sight where you can purchase stock photos. 

Graphic Design tools for beginners

Canva is one of the best graphic design tools for beginners. The below video will give you a full overview of how to start creating great social media and other content. Want to quickly design a logo – Canva has a full spectrum of adjustable logos that you can use.

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