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Ways of sharing content

Sharing a good mix between your own content and that of other people will help you to grow your audience. It will also build goodwill with your network and possibly save you some time. This does however mean that you need to carefully curate the material that you share. You will need to do this to make sure that it is relevant and relatable to your ideal customer.

Sharing your own material

Sources to help share content:

  • An article or post on the social media channel

Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer you the ability to write short or long posts on the social media channel itself.  With LinkedIn, these posts will start to accumulate over time under your personal profile.

  • An article or post on your own website

If you own a website or blog site you are able to post these articles into a social media channel.  Linking articles to your website have the added benefit of attracting people to your website. This builds the bridge to a landing page from which you can get customers to take action.

  • Your article or post on another website

You might have written articles for another magazine or website.  In this case, you could also post articles that you have written from this website.  This could have the added benefit of representing the brand of the magazine that you have written these articles for.

  • A post from another social media site

Sharing a post from another social media site is another way in which you can create, curate, and share information. For instance, Medium is a site where you can write articles and then share them on LinkedIn. This allows you an opportunity to leverage your reach across platforms.

Sharing other material

When you share a post remember that pictures speak louder than words and can pull someone into an article. When you share a link do it in such a way that it pulls in the picture from the article. Each social media site is different. If the social media platform that you use does not immediately display the content with the picture, then you might want to spend a bit of time researching how this is done.

When you share something from an online source be careful to curate the source before share it. You might think that an article or topic might be really good, but it could impact your brand image negatively if the source has a bad reputation. The reverse is however also true, if you share content from a good source it could affect your image positively.

You can make use of the 80/20 rule when sharing. This can be done by sharing other posts or media related to your theme 80% of the time and sharing your own content 20% of the time. This will provide you with a good mix and allow you to stay true to the principles of engagement.

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